01 December, 2021

I Guess It Bears Repeating Once More: The Real Minimum Wage Is Always $0.00

Check out this coffee shop from Starbucks and Amazon | Popular Science (popsci.com)

This is one less employee needed by Starbucks.

Starbucks is adding new meaning to the idea of a coffee “to go” with its latest outpost in New York City. The store, which opened Thursday, is cashierless, meaning that customers can use the company’s order-ahead app and Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology to check out so they can grab a drink or snack without having to open their wallets in store.

Those that opt for using the Starbucks app will pick up directly from a barista, much like they would at a typical Starbucks store. The Amazon Go section requires customers to download the Amazon shopping app, add a credit card, and then scan a code to enter. Anything you take off the shelves in this area is added to your “virtual cart,” and after you leave,  the total price is deducted from your card on file within a few hours, according to Starbucks. And while the new outpost is called “Starbucks Pickup with Amazon Go,” there will also be seating for anyone interested in a more traditional coffee shop experience.

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