03 December, 2021

In 15-20 Years, We’re Going to Really Pay For What They’re Doing to Education

Math Is Now 'Racist' According to California – PJ Media

According to The San Francisco Standard, the new standards pull programs for gifted students, “de-emphasizes calculus, and applies social justice principles to math lessons.”

How about we apply math to math lessons?

“We were transforming math education, and change is hard and scary,” said Rebecca Pariso, a math teacher at Hueneme Elementary School District. “Especially if you don’t understand why that change needs to occur. But I didn’t expect it to go this far.”

I don’t undersand why it needs to occur, because it doesn’t need to occur.

This is right.

Over a thousand STEM experts signed an open letter condemning the proposed framework, saying it politicizes math. “[California’s] proposed Mathematics Curriculum Framework is presented as a step toward social justice and racial equity, but its effect would be the opposite—to rob all Californians, especially the poorest and most vulnerable, who always suffer most when schools fail to teach their students.”

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