01 December, 2021

Hume Is Correct

Brit Hume: Biden ‘Clearly Deteriorating,’ ‘Clearly Senile,’ Might Not Finish Term | The Daily Wire

I don’t think his handlers expect him to finish his term.  As I said previously, I think the plan is to push out Kamala, replace her with someone more palatable, then have Clueless Joe resign for “health issues”. The palatable person takes over, doesn’t have to deal with Joe’s baggage, and runs as the incumbent in 2024.

Hume made the comments after it was announced that Biden would be running for a second term. The senior political analyst didn’t buy it, calling the proclamation “political.”

“I don’t think it’s at all clear that he intends to run again, but I do think as a political matter, you have to say that,” Hume said on “Special Report,” Mediaite reported.


“In fact, I think the thing we have to watch is the question of whether he serves out his first term,” Hume said of the president. “He’s clearly deteriorating, he’s clearly senile, and his health is — despite his doctor’s claims to the contrary — you know, when you’re falling downstairs and so on, as he did climbing the stairs to Air Force One, that’s worrisome.”

I think Hume is 100% correct. My guess is that they try to keep him on through the mid-terms, but not much after that. Kamala is probably out before the mid-terms, if they can find a way to make her resign, which is going to be hard. She knows what is happening too. She’s not going to eagerly step aside so that someone else can step in and become President.

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