02 December, 2021

I Appreciated Biden’s Achievements Just Today When I Filled up My Car

Don’t think I don’t recognize his achievements. Every day.

Hillary Clinton Rips Americans As Gullible As She Whines They Don’t ‘Appreciate’ Biden’s Achievements (lifezette.com)

“By any measure those are extraordinary accomplishments,” Clinton said. “But because of the way we are getting our information today, and because of the lack of gatekeepers and people who have a historic perspective who can help us understand what we are seeing, there is a real vulnerability in the electorate to the kind of demagoguery and disinformation that, unfortunately, the other side is really good at exploiting.”

She and I are in complete agreement. Biden’s achievements are extraordinary.

I gave a short list here:

Chris of Rights: I Think I Understand It Better Than You Do

I thought I made a longer list somewhere, but I can’t find it. Anyway, don’t fret, Hillary. We are all quite aware of Biden’s accomplishments and we are forced to face them and deal with them every single day.

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