01 December, 2021

Shhh...you’re Destroying the Narrative

If you say things like this, it makes him seem more like a terrorist, and black people can’t be domestic terrorists. Don’t you know the rules?

Waukesha Police Chief: ‘There Was No Police Pursuit That Led Up To This Incident’ | The Daily Wire

What did Waukesha Police Chief Daniel Thompson have to say?

“I want to dispel some rumors: there was no pursuit that led up to this incident.” He warned, “The Waukesha Police Department website is the only source for information. Do not release information from any other source as it has not been vetted and could lead to false information.”

In the aftermath of the incident, some media outlets focused on reporting that the suspect, who has been charged with five murders, had been “fleeing” another crime scene when he plowed his SUV violently into a Christmas parade where people of all ages, from children to elderly adults were participating.

Well, that’s pretty clear.

In other words, he did it on purpose.

Back to my original statement about him. He’s a sick twisted f*ck.

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