30 November, 2021

If He Really Believes This, He Truly Is Suffering From Dementia

Biden Claims He Has Been Good for Jobs and Small Businesses – PJ Media

There’s no possible spin you can put on this and make it true.

Whoever writes Old Joe Biden’s tweets (which are, hallelujah, most emphatically not mean) may have been hitting the egg nog a bit ahead of the Christmas season: on Monday afternoon, Biden tweeted: “If you look at my presidency so far, it’s a jobs presidency and it’s a small business presidency.” Yes, really. The man who has done so very much to kill jobs and small businesses in America is now crowing about saving them. The Left’s sheer audacity in gaslighting the American people grows by orders of magnitude practically every day, but this one will go down in history as one of the most egregiously dishonest things this most mendacious of presidents has ever said.

Verily. That is so ridiculously bad it’s not even worth a fisking. That statement was true of Trump. Emphatically so. But totally not for Clueless Joe.

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