04 December, 2021

Another Day, Another Fight Against Vax Mandates

Police Union In St. Paul, Minnesota Files Lawsuit Over City Vaccine Mandate (lifezette.com)

I know I keep posting these, and they’re all basically the same. I just want to point out how many there are.

In Minnesota, the St. Paul Police Union is fighting back against the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate with a new lawsuit.

The Star Tribune reported that the union said in a statement that it is “not anti-vaccine, nor are we conspiracy theorists — we are reasonable and dedicated public servants who believe in personal choice.”

It should be a personal choice. I’m vaccinated. My entire family is. I wouldn’t push it on others, as long as they are taking reasonable precautions to prevent the spread of this disease. Also, as treatments become better and better and as we understand more and more about the disease, vaccinations seem much less of a requirement.

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