03 December, 2021

But the Media Told Us What an Incredible Job He Was Doing

Report: NY COVID Response Under Cuomo Was ‘Frantic,’ Strained By ‘Impossible Demands’ And ‘Ridiculous Requests’ | The Daily Wire

It was all lies.

Politico noted one instance where Cuomo, seeking to draw attention to the number of tickets issued for non-compliance with COVID guidelines at his nationally-televised daily press briefings, “suggested that the state health department deploy half its roughly 5,000 employees to check restaurants for their compliance with the state’s mask-wearing and capacity limit rules.”

“He was like, ‘You could use them like an army,’” said the official, who spoke to Politico on condition of anonymity. The official, who was on the phone call where Cuomo suggested the idea, described it as “an impossible request,” but said that no one could turn the governor down. “[T]he call ended and no one said ‘no’ to him … No one could explain to him how bad the idea was,” the official said.

But Trump and DeSantis are the crazy ones.

New York State health officials and employees resigned in droves because of a work environment that was described as “frantic” and “based in politics, not science,” the report detailed. Officials said they often worked from early in the morning until midnight, while dealing with severely low morale due to the mounting death toll and resources that were stretched thin. One health official, whose testimony was included in the New York Attorney General’s investigation into Cuomo’s handling of the COVID-19 response, reportedly told investigators that working conditions at the Department of Health had so deteriorated that they asked one of the largest public-sector unions in the state, the Public Employees Federation, if they had legal recourse when it came to matters like unpaid overtime, which they were told was “not illegal during a public health crisis.”

They should have removed this man from office much sooner. And they would have, if the media hadn’t been protecting him and telling us all how amazing he was.


Many people died from it. But they have no shame.

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