30 November, 2021

It Definitely Was for My Kids. They’re Just Now Starting to Recover.

COVID: Nonpartisan Study Shows Remote Learning is a Disaster – PJ Media

A new 30-page study — 13 pages of text and 17 of footnotes and graphs — from the National Bureau of Economic Research was released Monday, and its findings are disappointing albeit unsurprising.

Led by Brown Professors Clare Halloran and Emily Oster, along with MIT’s James Okun and Rebecca Jack from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the non-partisan study combined Spring 2021 state standardized test score data with comprehensive data on schooling from the 2020-21 school year across a dozen states.

The bottom line is that success rates declined compared to prior years, and those declines were larger in districts with less in-person instruction.

Passing rates overall in math declined by nearly 15 percentage points on average, with estimates of the decline at 10 points for districts operating fully in-person.

This is so sad. And just one of the many reasons we have to get back to a normal life. All of us.

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