22 November, 2021

He Was Going to Die, but the Left Doesn’t Care

Rittenhouse’s Mother Speaks Out On Son’s Mental Health, Trial: ‘I Thought, He Was Going To Die’ | The Daily Wire

Reacting to video she had to watch during the trial, Wendy told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that she thought her son “was going to die” if he had not acted.

“I see this man trying to kick my son in the face,” she recalled, Fox News reported. “When I look at the video with that guy pointing a gun to my son’s head, I thought, he was going to die.”

Wendy also said her son “has a lot of healing to do” and still experiences “nightmares.”

I can’t imagine what Kyle and his family have had to go through. The last year has been horrible for them. I hope the healing can finally begin soon.

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