08 November, 2021

I Think They’re Just Drunk

Facebook employee said censorship colleagues were "drunk on power" (reclaimthenet.org)

In Facebook internal discussions, obtained by the New York Post, most employees agreed with the censorship of pro-Rittenhouse posts. However, one employee, a data scientist, disagreed.

“The rioting has been going on for over three months and it’s only an issue now because people inside the company saw violence they didn’t like,” the employee said.

“Employees are drunk on absolute power of being in control of civics in America, without ever having to visit a voting booth (if voting is even an option.”

The employee said the company should differentiate between support (which is not allowed) and discussion of the unjust treatment of Rittenhouse (which is allowed).

It doesn’t matter whether the posts really violated their policies or not. The posts violated the narrative. Therefore, whatever reason can be trumped up to censor them will be used. We see this time and time again on a variety of subjects, the two worst being Hunter Biden and natural immunity to the China virus. Both of these topics were verboten on Social Media and are 100% and unequivocally to be proven true.

The power of these companies to control the narrative must be stopped, or there will be no free speech in America, only approved speech.

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