07 November, 2021

Of Course Not, Because That Would Be the Correct Thing to Do

And Merrick Garland is a true left-wing America hating corruptocrat.

AG Garland Says He Won’t Rescind DOJ Memo Directing FBI To Investigate Confrontations At School Board Meetings | The Daily Wire

Attorney General Merrick Garland told Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Chuck Grassley that he would not rescind the Department of Justice memo he issued on Oct. 4 directing the FBI and other federal agencies to investigate school board meetings, despite a memo from the National School Boards Association walking back its claims that confrontations at school board meetings could rise to the level of  “domestic terrorism’ and “hate crimes.”

We’re all terrorists now. Because anyone who doesn’t agree with the Democrat controlled government is a terrorist. That’s how they feel. And they’re putting the machinery in place to enforce it.

So much for Freedom. So much for the Great Experiment. We had a good run. 245 years.

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