07 November, 2021

Once Again, My Adage About the Minimum Wage Is Shown to Be True

McDonald’s Partners With IBM To Automate Drive-Thrus As Labor Shortages Persist | The Daily Wire

As employers compete for a diminished pool of available labor, many are instead relying upon technology. Morning Consult’s Small Business Recovery Survey — which surveyed 608 small to midsize businesses between August 5 and August 16 — found that roughly three in ten have turned to automation.

The labor shortage is also triggering high prices in other sectors. For example, online real estate marketplace Zillow is halting its recent home-buying spree amid a lack of workers in the construction industry.

“We’re operating within a labor- and supply-constrained economy inside a competitive real estate market, especially in the construction, renovation and closing spaces,” explained Chief Operating Officer Jeremy Wacksman. “We have not been exempt from these market and capacity issues.”

The true minimum wage is always $0.

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