08 November, 2021

“Shining Example”...Heh.

California GOP Congressman: The Mess at Our Ports Is a 'Shining Example' of Democratic Policy Failures – PJ Media

U.S. Congressman Mike Garcia (R-CA) didn’t pull any punches when discussing exactly who he believes is to blame for the mess at our nation’s busiest ports. “I blame both the federal government and the state governments,” said Garcia in an interview with Fox News’ Stuart Varney. “This is what happens when you have life-long politicians trying to run a country when they’ve had absolutely zero business experience. Between Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer you’ve got three politicians who have earned 141 years of paychecks, all of which were as politicians–none of which were in the business world.”


Fundamentally, the mess at the ports illuminates the core differences between leftists and conservatives. While leftists fine shipping companies because they have to wait to unload their goods, conservatives believe there’s a better way of relieving the port congestion. “What they should be doing—rather than imposing fines—they should be cutting costs, incentivizing people to get out of there with lower port fees and quicker turnaround times,” explained Garcia. “That’s how we’re going to get this thing moving.” Instead, leftists punish people who don’t do what they think they should. Conservatives believe incentives work much more effectively than punishments.

Also true. Punishments in this case particularly don’t make sense. Democrats want to punish people for something over which they have no control. You’re basically telling shipping companies to stop shipping. It’s the only way to avoid fines.

Democrats continue to set new records in stupidity. But that’s not even the dumbest idea they’ve had this week. The tax on un-realized capital gains wins that award.

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