21 November, 2021

The Media Have Just Lost It, Period

Media Lose It Over Rittenhouse Judge’s Joke About Asian Food And Supply Chain Holdups | The Daily Wire

The media lost their collective mind of a completely innocuous joke the judge overseeing the Kyle Rittenhouse case made about lunch coming late to the courthouse on Thursday.

“I hope the Asian food isn’t coming … isn’t on one of those boats from Long Beach Harbor,” Judge Bruce Schroeder said.

The joke could not be more harmless. All Judge Schroeder did was joke that the food, hopefully not, but possibly being held up by a supply chain delay. He also described the food the court ordered as “Asian.” One would assume that was because the food they ordered was, uh, Asian.

Seems pretty innocent. But not to our media.

NBC News dialed up the drama, too, running this headline: “Judge in Kyle Rittenhouse trial faces backlash for Asian food joke.”

USAToday ran with this gem: “‘How not to be a good judge’: Kyle Rittenhouse judge draws new backlash with ‘Asian food’ joke.”

The Independent claimed the joke was off-color: “Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Judge’s off-colour ‘Asian food’ joke draws more scrutiny onto courtroom comments.”

“Judge In Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Called Out For Strange Joke About ‘Asian Food,'” HuffPost headlined.

Uh huh. Pretty sure it was a joke about the supply chain issues, not about Asians. How could you possibly misread that? You’re so anxious to be offended by something that you’ve completely turned off your brains. You’d have to be a complete idiot to take offense at this. Or crazed. Or both.

Either way, you’ve lost it. And when it’s lost, all that’s left is a loser.

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