07 November, 2021

They Don’t Care About That or the Economic Effects of It

‘We Will Lose Several Thousand People’: Top Boss Warns Against Biden Vax Mandate | The Daily Wire

Raytheon Technologies Chief Executive Greg Hayes warned Tuesday of the thousands of employees he’ll lose due to President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate on all federal workers and some private businesses.

“We will lose several thousand people,” Hayes said during a CNBC interview, Reuters reported. The company is planning to comply with Biden’s vaccine order, set to go in effect on December 8.

Raytheon Technologies, which makes Tomahawk missiles, has a total of 125,000 U.S. employees, the report noted.

The top boss also said he “expects Biden’s vaccine mandate to cause ‘some disruption’ in the supply chain in a post-earnings conference call,” Reuters noted.

The vax mandate will cause higher unemployment as employees refuse to comply, and it will make it harder to hire new people. My company is already feeling the effects of it. I get asked if we require vaccinations in almost every interview. We’re a government contractor, so we do.

This is going to get worse before it gets better. And every day brings evidence that a vax mandate is less and less necessary.

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