07 November, 2021

I Will Not Be Upset at All if This Man Runs for President

In many ways, he’s almost what the Trumpists pretend that Trump is, and he’s what the rest of the conservatives wish Trump was.

WATCH: DeSantis Tells D.C. GOP: ‘We Don’t Have Time For Boneless Wonders’ | The Daily Wire

“So right now conservatives, we don’t have time for boneless wonders,” DeSantis exhorted. “You get elected to office, you need to be willing to stand up. Stand up against the press. … You stand up and you’re strong in your convictions, there are millions and millions of people out there that will be with you forever. The minute you go up there and you’re scared of the media, you’re scared they’re going to say bad things about you and you cave, those voters have no use for you after that.

He concluded, “So I can only tell you for me, I’m gonna keep walking the line. I am gonna stand my ground. I am not backing down. We’ve accomplished an awful lot in the state of Florida, but I can tell you this: I’ve only begun to fight.”

He really rips the media to pieces in this speech. And some of the right as well.

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) fights almost as well as Trump. He doesn’t back down when attacked. When he draws a line in the sand, he means it. And he’s eloquent and understands politics. He speaks from the same populist guidebook as Trump. He’s deeper than Trump and more detail oriented.

He doesn’t relate quite as well to the common man as Trump does. He’s not a political outsider like Trump is. And he’s not as funny.

So, he’s not a perfect Trump clone. He brings some things to the table that Trump doesn’t, and misses some things that Trump has. I think he has a lot fewer negatives though and is more likely to be able to reach independent voters.

For some reason, though, I keep getting the impression that he isn’t going to run for President in 2024. Time will tell.

Watch the whole speech.

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