08 November, 2021

We Made It Legal Without Really Understanding It

Going Green: The Physical, Mental, And Emotional Problems Associated With Marijuana | The Daily Wire

Several studies have found that smoking marijuana may trigger mental illnesses, including psychoses like schizophrenia, especially in people already predisposed to develop them. “[C]annibis use, primarily THC in cannabis, in genetically predisposed or at-risk populations, leads to earlier diagnosis of psychosis/schizophrenia,” found a systematic review of existing research conducted by Shweta Patel and colleagues, and published at the peer-reviewed Cureus Journal of Medical Science. “THC in cannabis also makes schizophrenia and psychosis symptoms worse and causes more relapses and hospitalizations.”

The article shows many other known side effects of the drug, including other psychological issues many negative effects on the brain, and even premature death.

I think in about 15 years, we’re going to seriously regret ever legalizing this drug.

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