08 November, 2021

Loudoun County School Board Has Forgotten the First Rule of Holes

When you’re in one, stop digging.

Loudoun County School Board Chair Trashes Parents (dailysignal.com)

“I have to go back to the pandemic. Because it stirred from parents who were very legitimately concerned about schools being closed, and then—so, you had angry parents who I can absolutely empathize with and we wanted to help and we took their kids out of school because we had to. And then—so, you had a group of angry parents and then someone lit the fire with critical race theory, and I truly believe it is to impact elections,” Sheridan told Todd. “There is a fire lit every week in Loudoun County on a new topic just to keep the anger flowing,” Sheridan added.

Maybe the fires will stop, if you stop throwing around flammable material.

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