22 November, 2021

Well, That Means They’ll Vote No on Everything

Because I guarantee you that this President will never submit a bill containing funding for a border wall.

GOP Senators Vow to Vote Down Any Spending Measure That Lacks Border Wall Funding – PJ Media

The senators point out that $1.9 billion of funding for a border wall has been moved elsewhere in the budget, while Customs and Border Protection has only $14.5 billion in its budget line item, which is a fraction of the funding the department asked for. The letter also mentions a $50 million line item for removing existing border walls from federal land.

The crisis at our border with Mexico continues to boil over. The Democrats can ignore it all they want, but it’s not going away. They can continue to divert funding to — in the words of their own bill summary — “more effective, and less costly investments,” but the border walls constructed under the Trump administration proved effective.

I like the approach though. It won’t change the bills, but it will keep the border crisis front and center. Democrats want to pretend it doesn’t exist, but it’s clear the GOP isn’t going to let them get away with that.

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