06 December, 2021

I Can’t Get on Board With This

Republican And Democratic Lawmakers Urge SEC To Examine Ben & Jerry’s Israel Boycott | The Daily Wire

Four members of the House of Representatives asked the Securities and Exchange Commission to examine Ben & Jerry’s halt on ice cream sales in certain parts of Israel.

As The Daily Wire reported earlier this year, Ben & Jerry’s — which often endorses left-leaning policies — decided to stop selling its products in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. The company, wholly owned by Unilever yet retaining its own Board of Directors, said that it is “inconsistent with our values” to sell in “Occupied Palestinian Territory.”

Ben & Jerry are scum.

But you can’t force a company to sell in a market they don’t want to be in. They can take their fat-filled gross ice cream and sell it to people elsewhere who have no sense of taste.

The West Bank is fortunate. They can replace the Ben & Jerry stores with something that sells ice cream that actually tastes good.

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