06 December, 2021

Brian Stelter Lives in a Bubble World

He’s not affected by the high price of gas, or of food. He probably doesn’t have any relatives in Afghanistan or in the armed forces. He doesn’t live near riot areas, or near places that are being looted.

Brian Stelter: The Reason Americans Think Biden Is Failing Is Because Fox News Told Them So | The Daily Wire

Fox didn’t tell me any of those things. Well, I might have heard about the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan there. The rest of it I can see with my own two eyes.

CNN anchor Brian Stelter seems entirely convinced that the media is at least partly to blame for President Joe Biden’s polling problems — and he even went so far as to suggest that Americans believe Biden is failing to deliver on his campaign promises because negative chyrons on Fox News told them so.

This is rich after his own network spent four years over-hyping every tiny thing in the Trump presidency and contributed its own made up stories to increase the hype.

“If Biden’s strategy is quiet, his detractors are trying to be loud, making the meta story about a guy who failed to deliver, and citing supply chain woes to make those tales sound real,” Stelter added, saying that it no longer mattered if gas prices came down, store shelves were fully stocked, and packages were delivered on time — because the people would believe the stories rather than their own experiences.

Did he just completely forget everything that happened in 2017 through 2020? Biden gets gift after gift from the media. His entire Presidency is a gift from the media. Don’t whine to me about Biden and the media. I’m not that dumb. Even if you are.

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