05 December, 2021

Pacer Fans Mock Lebron and Get Ejected. This Is What the NBA Has Become.

Geez, what a whiner.

In the video below, starting at around the :25 second mark and lasting for several seconds, one of the two people who were tossed from the game appears to be waving their arms in James’ direction.

About 10-15 seconds later, James is seen grabbing an official by the arm, bringing the official to where the fans were seated, and pointing at the individuals in question while yelling: “It’s right f***ing here!”

The two people were quickly escorted out of the game.

Pathetic. LeBron is pathetic. The NBA is pathetic. And the Pacer organization is pathetic for not standing up for their fans. The Pacers should give them free passes for the rest of the season in apology.

LeBron, you’re a big crybaby.

“I mean nothing is uncomfortable for me, but there’s a difference between cheering on your home faithful, booing opponents and things of that nature or not wanting your opponents to be successful, and there’s then moments where it goes outside the line with obscene gestures and words that shouldn’t be tolerated in our game from nobody,” James responded. “I would never say it to a fan and a fan should never say it to a player.”

James did not make any claims about what the two fans said or did, and there were only unsubstantiated rumors online speculating about what happened.

“There was a lot of negative reaction online to the incident, with many calling James ‘LeSnitch’ or ‘LeKaren’ for getting the fans ejected,” The Daily Wire reported. “Some said that the incident was what ultimately makes NBA legend Michael Jordan better than James because they said that Jordan would not have the fans ejected.”

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