28 November, 2021

I Love How They Can Discuss This With No Thought to Cause & Effect

Why were the “white vigilantes” there? Why was there a need for “white vigilante violence”?

If you are going to solve the “white vigilante” problem, these would be important questions to ask and answer, don’t you think?

‘White Vigilante Violence’: CNN’s Anderson Cooper And Van Jones Discuss Rittenhouse Verdict | The Daily Wire

Here’s a thought. Maybe if you didn’t encourage mob violence and rioting, and do everything possible to prevent the police from maintaining order, there would be no need for “vigilantes”.

Just an idea.

“I do respect the jury system, and I do appreciate what the President had to say,” Jones said. “But there’s a reason that people are upset. And it’s that there’s a bigger context here. “This idea of white vigilante violence is something that we have to wrestle with… We have got a pattern now, where white men feel that they have the right to enforce the law themselves.”

If people are upset, it’s because they’re stupid.

And again, before wrestling with “white vigilante violence”, you should wrestle with the causes.

“Somehow, there is a group of people that think that they have the right to take the law into their own hands,” continued Jones, citing the January 6 riot, as well as the Trayvon Martin and Ahmaud Arbery cases. “They can leave their home with guns and they can enforce their vision of the law on other people. That is a big problem.”

I’m just going to show this picture one more time.


A car lot in Kenosha. This is the very place where Kyle Rittenhouse was. Do you not think that some soft of enforcement of the law was necessary here?

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