07 November, 2021

That’s Because They Can Tell He’s Not on Their Side

Biden Taking Hits With Minority Men (lifezette.com)

One of Donald Trump’s major political achievements was his popularity with black and Latin voters. He doubled and sometimes tripled the numbers of former GOP presidents in this regard.

This is something the party most work on in the post-Trump era. Education and the old standby of family values, if presented properly, will help. The GOP has a real opening for education. The left has foolishly opened the door there.

Military prowess is prized amongst traditional men as a virtue. In the minority community military service can be a way to escape the dead end of multigenerational poverty, hence why minorities are represented in the armed forces to a greater degree than they are represented in the population at large.

Thus a virtual surrender, a bugout, a military humiliation like Kabul sits very badly with black and Latin male voters. It goes to the core of their views on effective, inspiring, and heroic leadership. It bespeaks not only a policy failure, but a sense that Biden is personally weak and geopolitically impotent. That is political poison to socially conservative males, who see military strength as a vital factor in national success.

This is all true. The question is whether or not The Stupid Party can take advantage of it. I have my doubts.

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