22 November, 2021

Loudoun County Parents Keep On Fighting

Loudoun County Parent Group Collects Signatures To Oust School Board Members | The Daily Wire

Parents in Loudoun County, Virginia, have collected the necessary signatures to begin the process of pushing several school board members out of their positions, as well as create a petition to expel chairwoman Brenda Sheridan from the school board.

The group is called “Fight For Schools,” and its executive director, Ian Prior, said the “chairwoman, Brenda Sheridan has overseen and personally contributed to a complete breakdown in trust between the community and the Loudoun County School Board. From violating open meetings law to ignoring the school board’s code of conduct to neglecting to keep our children safe, all for her activist causes, Sheridan has been nothing short of a disaster as the so-called leader of Loudoun County Public Schools.”

“Let this serve as a message to the rest of the board and Superintendent [Scott] Ziegler: if you thought that this was all about an election, then you have once more failed to properly judge the resolve of your constituents,” Prior added. “We’re still here and we’re not going anywhere.”

it’s a tough battle. You need just a few thousand signatures to start the process. That’s easy. Getting it done takes a long and sustained effort and a lot more backing than just a couple thousand people willing to sign a piece of paper.

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