28 November, 2021

More Inflation Coming

UN Report: Supply Chain Crisis May Drive Import Cost Of Computers, Apparel, Furniture Up More Than 10% | The Daily Wire

Hooray. That’s just terrific news!

In a recent report, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development said that high consumer demand and a variety of supply-side constraints — including “container ship carrying capacity, container shortages, labour shortages, continued on and off COVID-19 restrictions across port regions and congestion at ports” — could lead to price hikes through 2023.

According to a summary of the analysis:

Manufacturers in the United States rely mainly on industrial supplies from China and other East Asian economies, so continued cost pressures, disruption and delays in containerized shipping will hinder production, according to the report. A 10% increase in container freight rates, together with supply chain disruptions, is expected to decrease industrial production in the United States and the euro area by more than 1%, while in China production is expected to decrease by 0.2%.

I can’t wait.

I’m sure Team Biden will got on addressing this right away. Right after they address gender equity in bathrooms.

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