29 November, 2021

More People Than That Believe That Extra-Terrestrials Are Living Among Us

POLL: Just 4% Of Americans Think Country Is Doing ‘Very Well’ | The Daily Wire

The survey, conducted by CBS News/YouGov, shows deep dissatisfaction with how President Joe Biden is currently running the country — as just 4% say things are going “very well.”

Some 70% said things are going “very badly” or “somewhat badly” while 26% said things are going “somewhat well.”

And just 4% said the economy is “very good.” Some 64% said the economy is “very bad” or “fairly bad,” with just 26% saying the economy is “fairly good.”

The poll puts Biden’s job approval rating at 44%, and he gets negative scores for his handling of inflation (67%), immigration (64%), the economy (61%), foreign policy (58%), and race relations (56%).

This is why they gotta get Mayor Pete in ASAP.

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