07 November, 2021

Yes, Because They’re Just Sitting Around Not Unloading on Purpose

FACEPALM: Los Angeles Will Fine Cargo Ships That Can't Unload – PJ Media

Unless you’re planning on opening up about three dozen more docks and staffing them with dock workers, I don’t see how you can do this.

According to CNBC, the White House is “hopeful” that fines will “ease the intensifying logjam of cargo ships” waiting to unload at Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles. Together, the two account for 40% of the country’s seaborne imports.

Carriers will have to pay “$100 per day for each container lingering past a given timeline” starting on the first of the month. Containers moved by truck will have nine days before they’ll start paying, and containers moved by rail will have just three days.


I mean…how?

I don’t understand the logic here. It’s so bizarre that I don’t even know how to argue against it. How will fining a stuck ship for being stuck against their will make them unstuck?

Can someone please explain that to me?

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