29 November, 2021

I Don’t Think He’ll Still Be President in 2023

Biden & 2024: Dem Thinks a Run Unlikely | National Review

I think the current plan is to replace Kamala with Pete Buttigieg as soon as possible, then to have Clueless Joe develop issues requiring him to resign, elevating Mayor Pete to the top spot. He’ll run in 2024 as the incumbent. He’s charismatic, young, and gay. Republicans will face a steep uphill battle against him.

An interesting “growing fears” piece appeared in the WaPo about Joe Biden’s prospects in 2024: “One Democrat involved in campaigns said they couldn’t think of a single person they had spoken to in the last month who considers the possibility of Biden running again to be a real one.”

Biden has been reassuring donors that he certainly intends to run again in 2024, but skepticism is running rampant even as panic about the heir-apparent position of Kamala Harris starts to set in. Florida trial lawyer John Morgan, who was a major donor to the Biden campaign in 2020, had this to say: “What is his health going to be in the next three years? All you have to do is look at the mortality tables in America to understand what I’m saying.”

Democrats are openly wondering why a man who didn’t show an overwhelming amount of energy in his 2020 campaign will have the strength to go out on the hustings in the fall of 2024, just shy of his 82nd birthday. Should Dems really believe his assurances about running again?

“I hear this question get asked every day,” a campaign veteran told the WaPo. “No one ever asked that question about Barack Obama. No one ever asked that question about Donald Trump.”

Both Trump and Obama got out and campaigned for their first round. they were vigorous and energetic. Biden was half asleep from the comfort of his own home. He is unlikely to be able to repeat such a performance. And, unless things surprisingly and dramatically improve, he’d get slaughtered. The Dems need someone else and they know it.

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