29 November, 2021


Never-Trumpers Quit Fox News – PJ Media

Good riddance.

“We started The Dispatch two years ago ‘to do right as we see it, by providing engaged citizens fact-based reporting and commentary on politics, policy and culture—informed by conservative principles,'” Hayes and Goldberg claim. “We made a promise to our readers and members that we’d challenge our own assumptions as we challenged theirs, and that we wouldn’t pull punches. The tension between doing that work well and remaining loyal to Fox has tested us many times over the past few years. But with the release of Patriot Purge, we felt we could no longer ‘do right as we see it’ and remain at Fox News. So we resigned.”


Fox routinely allows opinions from all colors of the political spectrum. And there are people under the direct employ of Fox News (not contributors, but employees), who are farther left than you.

You’re just attention-seeking wimps.

Well, I have no use for that. Get lost and don’t come back.

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