08 November, 2021

Pence Is Right

Seriously, there are topics unrelated to Virginia. I promise.

Pence Demands School Officials Resign for 'Cover-Up' of Sexual Assaults (dailysignal.com)

The whole board needs to resign, as well as some administrators at the schools.

But, as events in Loudoun County schools continued to go viral, the former vice president began his remarks by noting: “The eyes of the nation are on Loudoun County, Virginia.”

“It’s amazing to think in recent weeks, Loudoun County has becoming the epicenter of a powerful movement that is spreading all across this country—a movement of concerned parents and patriotic citizens demanding an end to curriculums that divide our nation and accountability for educational bureaucrats who put political correctness ahead of the interest of our kids,” Pence said.

Good start. Now bring it home.

“School board members and anyone responsible for this tragedy and cover-up should resign immediately,” Pence said, referring to sexual assaults that the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office said were committed by the same teenage boy at two different high schools.

Yep. They should. If they had any class or decency, they would have already. Of course, if they had any class or decency, this never would have happened in the first place.

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