29 November, 2021

Rose McGowan Isn’t Buying It

Ok, it’s worth pointing out that it would be hard to be more left than McGowan. But like Jo Rowling, she’s also a feminist. She pretty much led the #MeToo movement, and has done more to expose sexual injustice against women than just about anybody.

Yes, she’s allowed her liberalism and feminism to lead her down the wrong path sometimes, but that’s not the point. The point is that she is laser-focused on women and sexual abuse.

And, as such, she sees a problem with all the Rittenhouse coverage. Why, you ask, since there’s nothing sexual about that at all. Well, that’s it exactly.

Rose McGowan’s Powerful Tweet – ‘Do You Understand’ The Distraction They’re Trying To Pull? (lifezette.com)

Do you remember Ghislaine Maxwell? Rose definitely does. Maxwell was the woman who helped Jeffrey Epstein run his little island paradise. Her trial is starting, and it may surprise you to find that out. We’ve had mass media coverage of Rittenhouse, but the silence on Maxwell has been deafening.

Rose doesn’t think that’s an accident.

She may be right. No one on the left wants to talk about Epstein or Maxwell. So, the lack of coverage of that is no accident. As far as the distraction bit goes, ehhh, maybe. Again, the left would love to talk about anything else, and that’s a perfect topic for them, because it allows them to rile up the base some more.

McGowan may have a point. I will try to keep some focus on Maxwell though and let you know what is happening there.

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