28 November, 2021

Someone Trying to Take the Most Pathetic MSNBC Host Title From Joy Reid

MSNBC Host ‘Disgusted’ By Kenosha Verdict, Calls Rittenhouse A ‘Little Murderous White Supremacist’ | The Daily Wire

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross laid into Illinois teenager Kyle Rittenhouse, calling him a “little murderous white supremacist” during her Saturday show, “The Cross Connection.”

I’ll say again, that if you are upset by the verdict, that means you feel it was okay for a child rapist and serial kidnapper to try to kill Rittenhouse, but not okay for him to defend himself. I am sorry, but I cannot support such an opinion, and I don’t care what the skin color of any of the participants was. In this case, they were all white, so calling him a “murderous white supremacist” is either stupid or deliberately misleading.

“I’m just disgusted because I still don’t think that Rittenhouse understands that he is morally wrong if the justice system did not find him legally wrong,” Cross added, arguing that Rittenhouse needed to understand that the moral standard and the legal standard applied to his actions should not necessarily be the same.

No, he isn’t either morally wrong nor legally wrong. He had a moral right to fight to live. And you’re disgusting to suggest otherwise.

But if you want a real taste of how sick that show was, read the whole thing. I’m not even quoting her idiotic guest.

How people can watch that network is beyond me.

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