30 November, 2021

True, but Who Says O’Keefe Isn’t a ”Real” Journalist Anyway?

The New York Times Is Protected by Freedom of the Press. So Is James O'Keefe. (reason.com)

A state judge yesterday issued an order that purports to constrain how The New York Times covers Project Veritas, a self-described "non-profit journalism enterprise" founded by conservative activist James O'Keefe. The Times, which is challenging the order, rightly notes that it raises serious First Amendment issues. But the paper itself seems confused about the rights guaranteed by that amendment, implying that "freedom of the press" is limited to "the news media." That interpretation is convenient for the Times, but it is not consistent with what history tells us about the original public understanding of the phrase.

I would dispute that Project Verita isn’t part of the “news media” anyway. They’re doing what 60 Minutes used to do back when they were worth watching. Investigative journalism would be dead if not for Project Veritas.

And that’s why The New York Times hates them. That and the fact that they usually go after the people that the NYT works so hard to protect, liberals.

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