28 November, 2021

CNN Backtracks, Fearing Lawsuit?

This is an odd take from lefty CNN. It’s odd because it’s the…err…correct one.

CNN’s Cuomo: Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Verdict Was ‘Justified’: ‘What We Should Want Every Time’ | The Daily Wire

This network has invested quite a bit of time and energy into stoking the fires of racial injustice. They’ve been doing it for years, and hit it particularly hard during the Rittenhouse saga. They also came down pretty hard on Rittenhouse himself, swinging dangerously close to libel.

Suddenly, one of their loudest voices reverses course? Smells like fear of a lawsuit to me.

Liberal CNN Host Chris Cuomo said that the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was justified by the law and the facts, despite his contention that the outcome was an instance of “systemic racism.”

During the handoff segment of his show, “Cuomo Prime Time,” Cuomo told fellow CNN host Don Lemon that he thought the verdict and the subsequent protests were “a terrible situation,” and pointed out that because of systemic racism, “you’re going to have people saying if he was black, this would be different.”

He did concede, however, that the verdict “is justified by the law and the facts,” and “that’s what we should want every time.”

“We want this outcome no matter who the defendant is,” Cuomo said.

I absolutely agree with that last bit from Cuomo. Justice is supposed to be blind. A white man shouldn’t get special treatment because he’s white. And Rittenhouse didn’t. He got the treatment he should expect. In fact, he got worse, because his case should have never gone to trial.

But also, we shouldn’t see a black man get worse treatment because he’s black. And that does happen far more than it should. Not as much as some people claim, but enough that it’s a problem. So, Cuomo is right. We want this outcome no matter who the defendant is.

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