28 November, 2021

He Should Get It, and Back Pay, and Triple Damages for ”Pain and Suffering”

Virginia Cop Who Lost Job for Donating to Rittenhouse Defense Demands His Job Back (legalinsurrection.com)

The Norfolk Virginia Police Department fired Sgt. William K. Kelly III for donating anonymously $25 to Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense.

The department only found out because a hacker group released the information of the anonymous users.

A jury found Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts.

Kelly wants his job back.

Kelly told The Daily Mail he thought Rittenhouse was innocent based on videos. He also explained why he donated:

‘Everything I’m saying is just my personal opinion. I’ve been a homicide detective, a violent crimes investigator for years. I have a background. I watched the video of the shooting and I’d seen the video of the journalists of Mr. Rittenhouse before the shooting and the protesters before the shooting and I thought it painted a pretty clear picture that Mr. Rittenhouse had a very strong claim for self-defense.

He even donated anonymously. He should have never been fired. This is a travesty. And all he wants is his job back. He’s a good American. I would want to make them pay for what they did to me.

Oh look. It’s in Virginia. What a screwed up state. Governor-elect Youngkin has his work cut out for him.

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