28 November, 2021

Maher Is Just Now Starting to Find Out How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes

Bill Maher Explains How Elite and Insane Woke Democrats Are – PJ Media

Bill Maher, the erstwhile liberal icon who is now loathed by many on the left due to his dislike of cancel culture and wokeness, said Democrats are losing elections because “liberals think this country is full of dumb white people.’”

Yes. Yes, they do. This is not an exaggeration. Worse, they hate these “dumb white people”.

Pondering a Democrat campaign slogan for 2024, the HBO host advised, “I tell you what I have ruled out is, ‘Vote Democrat because white people suck.’”

That might as well be their slogan, though. Everything they do is based upon this belief.

Welcome to Wonderland, Alice.

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