29 November, 2021


Beijing Olympics: It's a Travesty to Honor Chinese Fascists – PJ Media

As I said, I stand with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) on this one.

But I will present the case for the other side:

Let’s go with four specific reasons not to let modern-day totalitarians host the Winter Olympics:

1.Beijing has violated all provisions from the UN Genocide Convention with its abhorrent abuse of Uyghurs in Xinjiang province. Dictator Xi Jinping is holding roughly 2 million Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in hundreds of clandestine concentration camps and other detention centers. The few who’ve broken free say they were subjected to indoctrination, sexual abuse, and forced sterilization.

2. For going on two years, the brazen CCP categorically refuses to cooperate in any investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic that’s taken nearly 6 million lives on earth. The noxious group has done everything in its power to obfuscate and lie since the pandemic’s earliest days, from erasing whistleblowers’ names from the Internet to blaming the United States.

3. The crackdown on Hongkongers’ freedom is completely inapposite to laws and promises in the 1997 accord, which handed over the island city from the British to Red China. Not only has the CCP squashed any semblance of democracy, they are now arresting anyone that stands in their way.

4: Only a few weeks ago, the tyrannical regime kidnapped their own Olympian, Peng Shuai, after the tennis star accused former Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli of sexual assault.

I can’t disagree with any of this.

A.J. has a little more to say:

“Boycotting these Olympics is mainly about denying China another global propaganda opportunity. It is also about changing the behavior of the wealthy IOC members who spit on the idea of human rights as China pampers them. China is not a developing country. It has always had the world’s largest population and, after shedding parts of the communist economic model, the fastest growing and polluting economy on earth. The U.S. government should be the main moral counterbalance to modern totalitarians. Be it Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, or today, the free world should not lend legitimacy to genocidal regimes; doing so encourages the IOC and others to continue awarding marquee events and publicity wins to the worst regimes on earth.”


I don’t disagree at all. And I don’t disagree with the people clamoring for the about Peng Shuai. Communist China seems dedicated to exceeding even the U.S.S.R’s worst offenses.

But our Olympic athletes should not be made to be political pawns. I agree with Cruz, as I said. Let’s go “kick their commie a**es.

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